3MOVIERULZ 2020 – Website that illegally publishes links

 3MOVIERULZ 2020 – Website that illegally publishes links

As we all know, when a producer invests millions in the making of his blockbuster movie, he surely has expectations of great success with the max profit as a result. And it all depends on when the movie gets released in theaters and a huge number of the audience come to watch it. But there are some piracy websites that act as a great obstacle to the success of a movie and don’t let the producer get his desired outcome from the movie. These websites release the movie just in hours after its release in theaters.

About 3movierulz:

3movierulz” is one of these websites that illegally publish the links of the newly released movies. This website allows the users to download the movie as soon as just after its official release in Cinemas and theaters.

The website is banned and treated as an illegal website as it leaks the links of every latest movie released in the theaters and as the result, the producers have to face a great loss. So it is totally banned and interdicted by the US and Indian government under the Anti Piracy Act. The user is likely to be punished and get arrested if caught using this piracy website.

3movierulz is one of the rapidly growing pirate websites which provides the users with almost all the latest and newly released movies. Initially, it uploads rough and theater print but within few days it replaces that print with HD ones. Almost all the latest Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, English, and Malayalam movies can be watched and downloaded by this website. As it is banned due to giving a major loss to the box office users can’t use it openly as they are likely to be punished.

However in case you want the access to this website just follow the following guidelines.

1: First download a VPN to your mobile to bypass the restriction.

2: After downloading just open the VPN software and provide the IP address of a country where 3MovieRulz is not banned.

3: After providing IP address now you can visit the website, just go to the home screen, searched for your desired movie in your desired quality format, and just download it.

As we know piracy is not allowed in many countries as it affects the copyright owners of movies. So using pirate websites can lead a user to heavy punishments under the Anti Piracy Act. So it’s better not to use them and stay safe.


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