Call of War 1942 Free Download Game Full Version

 Call of War 1942 Free Download Game Full Version

Call of War 1942 is a completely new real-time military strategy game announced in 2017. Currently available only in the browser version on the official website, but it is also worth noting that a copy of it will be presented in the Steam version for personal computers with the client in October this year. It is positioned as a simulator of World War II, where you can completely change the course of history and conquer the world using various tactics and maneuvers.

Game features

After the start, you are immediately sent to the training mode, where you need to complete a few simple missions to understand the basics of the game. Already here you will receive starting resources that will help you build your first and most important buildings. The main task of the player is to destroy opponents on the map around him, conquering new territories, and build more and more buildings, improving each of them. In principle, nothing new.

But in Call of War 1942, a very thoughtful gameplay system that is not based on the linear extraction of only one resource. You will be available 8 different types of resources, each of which is designed for different buildings, hiring units, the acquisition of individual options. This includes provisions, money, gold, rare items, metal, oil, goods, and military strength. It’s very rare to find strategies where there is such a scatter of resources, and it pleases!

Which strategy to use is for you to choose? But during the game you will have to build a large number of factories, various factories, and stations. Indeed, there are a lot of buildings, and each of them has its own priority and purpose. With the help of some buildings it will be possible to significantly increase the production of certain resources, and with the help of others open access to special units.

Particular attention should be paid to the tactical capabilities of the project. Here you will not just thoughtlessly destroy your enemies, but think over tactics. This does not have to be a bloody battle. For example, you can mislead the enemy, sometimes blackmail, rob and, in the end, ruthlessly kill using units and equipment.

The game has 6 production categories, namely:

  • Buildings with which you can significantly increase the player’s potential
  • Marines, which are the main units for combat
  • Naval forces (mainly ships)
  • Air Force (air support)
  • Equipment – the basis of combat power (artillery, heavy equipment, support equipment, etc.)

Elite units and equipment.

Each unit, technology has its own level of development. And the higher this level, the greater priority he has in battle. Accordingly, you will have to think over not only the tactics of the battle but also the tactics of the development of each type of soldier, equipment.


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