Surprise! Frozen 2 is on Disney Plus right now: stream the movie online anywhere

 Surprise! Frozen 2 is on Disney Plus right now: stream the movie online anywhere

For six years, before the advent of the CGI remake of The Lion King, Disney Frozen occupied the first line of the ranking of the highest grossing animated films. It’s amazing that Disney thought so long before starting work on the sequel. Undoubtedly, the new Frozen 2 is on Disney Plus right now will collect at the box office no less than the original picture, but is this sequel really needed?

It seems that only the lazy today does not blame Disney for over-commercial exploitation of popular franchises, which is best seen in the story of the spin-offs to Star Wars. But nevertheless, for any business structure, the desire to increase profits is quite understandable, while minimizing costs and risks. So Disney in this case is quite logical, because creating and promoting a new IP is always expensive and risky. At the same time, the company has 96 years of existence – yes, Disney is approaching its centenary, a huge number of franchises have accumulated, I don’t want to choose. Naturally, the most powerful and commercially successful brands, of which Frozen undoubtedly belongs, are the first to receive the green light.

Frozen 2 is on Disney Plus right now

Frozen 2 is on Disney Plus

It should be understood that the $ 1.276 billion earned by the cartoon at the box office is only the tip of the iceberg. The original Frozen was released in November 2013, and by the end of 2014, Disney had earned $ 1 billion in merchandise in the United States alone. 500 thousand dolls of Elsa and Anna were sold within 45 minutes after the announcement in January 2014.

The cost of some limited edition collection figures reached eBay to $ 1000. T-shirts, dresses, school bags, shampoos, yogurts, bedding, etc. – With the imagination of the Disney marketers, everything is in order. And we still do not take into account live shows on Frozen, the same Disney on Ice, sales of the soundtrack, coloring books and other things. One of the journalists considered that the free Frozen DVD sent to write the review cost him $ 900 during the year spent on gifts to his daughters and relatives.

Frozen II characters

That is why Frozen II is a very neat, very restrained and very toothless sequel. Let’s face it, and the original cartoon was not a masterpiece in terms of the plot, it was pulled out, by and large, only extremely cute characters and a chic soundtrack. With the soundtrack and characters, everything is good with Frozen II, there’s practically nothing to add to the story of the two sisters. This is all the same kind fairy tale about the importance of support from relatives and about finding your place in life. Yes, it turns out that even queens are dissatisfied with their position and wish for change.

Frozen 2 is on Disney Plus right now

Having artificially inserted enough into the childhood of Elsa and Anna an episode that was not mentioned at all in the first cartoon, the authors decided to send the sisters to correct the mistakes of their ancestors. Not even the missing parents, with whom, as it turned out, have their own secret, but grandparents. To do the right thing, the sisters will have to make a sacrifice, but … it’s after all Disney, so in the finale everything is guaranteed to be fine.

We really would like to say that the heroes over the past six years have grown, become more serious and deeper, but, alas, it seems they only got stupid, especially for Kristoff, who still can’t make Anna an offer, giving rise to most of the cartoon’s comic situations. As a rule, they are not very funny, except for a magnificent parody of the clips of the 80s. Of the last century in the issue of Lost in the Woods (yes, this is a remake of the composition from the original cartoon).

Soundtrack in Frozen 2 right now

In general, as mentioned above, the soundtrack in Frozen II is all right. Although there are not so many vocal numbers in the cartoon, and they too aggressively exploit the central theme of All Is Found by Evan Rachel Wood, they are generally good. The songs were worked by the same Kristen Anderson-Lopez and her husband Robert Lopez, who received two Oscars for the song Let It Go from the first Frozen and Remember Me from Coco.

As is customary for Disney children’s cartoons, all the songs are translated and voiced by domestic artists, and this is actually a problem. Yes, we understand that even older students would hardly accept English songs with subtitles, let alone kids, but the English text is definitely better and more melodic. So if you are already an adult and decide to watch a cartoon from nostalgia, look for the English version. Or listen to the soundtrack separately, for example, on YouTube Music.

No, don’t think, Frozen II is not a bad cartoon at all; children, especially girls, will absolutely like it. He looks good, sounds good, teaches the right things … but for some reason I personally noticed during the viewing process how often Elsa and Anna change dresses and how many new Disney dolls can now sell. This is not a good bell. It seems that the story of Solo: A Star Wars Story never taught Disney anything.

Audience managed to listen

Despite this, I don’t want to seriously scold the sequel – because with the humor, ideological stuffing, small details and staging of individual scenes, the cartoon is in full order. The new songs are in no way inferior to what the audience managed to listen to the holes since 2013, and if the children laugh at Olaf’s jokes, then for adults they have prepared ironic references to The Bell and Kristoff’s aria Lost in the Woods – a gorgeous parody of rock ballads The 80s. You begin to sob with laughter as soon as you catch the first visual allusions to old music videos, and on the quote from the “Bohemian Rhapsody” Queen the whole hall went with a laugh.

The song “Let It Go” performed by Idina Menzel (in the Russian version of “Let It Go and Forget”) is still sung by fans around the world. Of course, we were really looking forward to a full-fledged continuation, and, finally, after six years, the new tape hit theaters.

After the events of the first cartoon, Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven live a happy life in the kingdom of Arendelle. The townspeople are no longer afraid of ice magic, and it seems that everything is going as it should. But one day, Elsa hears a mysterious voice that calls her somewhere north.


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