Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival

 Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival

Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival is a multiplayer game in which you need to pump your character and explore an open world filled with monsters, bosses, and hostile gamer. Locations, objects, and creatures are made in the style of dark fantasy. Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival for Android allows you to learn professions and build your own settlement for allies and guilds. Grim Soul download

RPG, 3D Games, Tablet Games, Online Games

Update Date: 06/24/2020

Application version: 2.8.1

Android Version: 4.1 and higher

Age restrictions: 16+


Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival game features the following features:

Detailed graphics and effects. Locations differ in color scheme and architecture. Character classes use abilities with color effects.

Auto mode. During the absence of the user, the character independently kills mobs, collects objects and is treated. The function saves time on manual leveling.

Learning abilities. Active skills are used in battle, passive skills give continuous improvement. Depending on the selected abilities, a hero class is formed. Grim Soul download

Survival system. In addition to monsters and traps, the player’s enemies are hunger, cold, bleeding.

Craft items. With the help of found or purchased recipes and selected resources, tools, armor, weapons, things useful for the economy are created.

Storyline with additional quests. The mission log provides a textual description and conditions for completing missions.

Inventory management. You should manually deal with the distribution of space in the backpack and storage.

Separation of armor. The hero needs to pick up the elements of clothing (helmet, bib, pants, and boots).

Building. The creation of fortresses in the open world with defensive structures and a warehouse is available.

Joining clans and chats. The guild allows you to find friends and organize joint campaigns in raids.

In the Android game Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival will have to survive in a world filled with dangers. The autobah function will help keep up with the allies in level. When raids, mass battles, or story missions begin, you need to switch to manual control.


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