HELP WILL COME TOMORROW Free Download Game – Full Version

 HELP WILL COME TOMORROW Free Download Game – Full Version


At the dawn of the October Revolution, a group of passengers who survived a train crash on the Trans-Siberian Railway will have to fight for their existence in the endless Siberian taiga. In the face of many threats, their own weaknesses, and, most of all, their own prejudices, they have to learn to cope with the icy cold, hoping for early salvation. HELP WILL COME TOMORROW

People from different social classes must unite and make decisions that often run counter to their beliefs, which they will either have to forget for a while or abandon them forever. The basic mechanics of the game are focused on the survival of the characters – satisfying their needs, gathering resources, increasing the camp, ensuring security, exploring the surrounding fighting spirit.


  At Help Will Come Tomorrow, you will:

Overcome class divisions between your party members to survive in an innovative class management system

Manage scarce resources and survive the wild Siberian frost while awaiting rescue

Lead the actions of nine characters of different social backgrounds, who are united into three social classes

Discover the intimate stories and past of all characters

Build and develop your camp in order to increase the chances of salvation

Resist the changeable weather and the ruthless Siberian taiga, on which the lives of the characters will directly depend

Manage the in-game Event system based on the state of the characters’ morale and the relationship between them

Involved in a sentimental story that unfolds on the eve of the October Revolution.

Game version: 1.6


Run the installer, install the game.



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