Hyper Scape Review – Full Version

 Hyper Scape Review – Full Version

Ubisoft’s urbanized battle-royale has opened up big games under the First Principle umbrella. With the debut season, valuable trophies, weapons, hacks, and even plot shifts have appeared in the game. We will tell you about the secrets of the release lanes of Neo-Arcadia in the final review of Hyper Scape.

Developer: Ubisoft Montreal

Publisher: Ubisoft

Release date: August 11, 2020

The reality of the project is presented in a slightly lightweight format of a post-industrial dystopia. The year is 2054 and the planet has serious problems, and people hid from the dusty-gray smog in the overgrown concrete fortresses and plunged into an unlimited space from the Prism Corporation – the virtual reality HyperScape.

In the premiere video of the game, cyberspace is represented by the neon city of Neo-Arcadia. A lively, high-tech metropolis, a miracle of architectural thought, and a real outlet for the modern user, the main entertainment of which was the activity known as the “Hunt for the Crown”.

Anyone has the opportunity to try their hand at a non-lethal battle royale as many times as they want, and the coolest players will have a rare chance to completely change their lives. But there is a circumstance that somewhat complicates the picture of what is happening: there are rumors that several applicants received real injuries during the hunt, and some even disappeared without a trace.

In this way, Ubisoft has organized a curious seed, reeking of conspiracies of influential syndicates and cybercrime. In this regard, in the “First Principle,” there were collectible shards of memory with stories of characters and events of the season. Judging by the album of memories in the hub, players will be able to find ten such items within two months.

As expected, the gameplay has not changed since the open beta: applicants find themselves in a team battle for three characters or are sent to play alone. A third, mysterious option has appeared in the mode selection window, which is not yet available. Pre-combat training traditionally takes place in the general area and sometimes it takes several minutes to wait for a game session.

As soon as the recruitment is completed, the participants are immersed in controlled capsules, on which they parachute into a selected area of ​​Neo-Arcadia. The monorail web divides the city into several distinct sectors, each highlighted in a specific color. Blue markers on the map mark iconic objects such as parks and clubs, while red markers mark places where loot is concentrated. Standard points of attraction for the hardest, where the first skirmishes usually start.

Reactive players move along the rooftops, where they are kindly delivered by trampolines scattered across the level; along ornate alleys, where it is easiest to hide from pursuit; and somewhere in between, jumping from building to building. Most of the rooms are curtained with a digital partition, which must first be broken.

Luxurious buildings on the outside are completely empty inside with a minimum of decorative elements. But in each one, you can find a couple of boxes with cartridges, several guns, and hacks, and if you’re lucky – a box in which there will be several useful objects at once.

Each applicant can carry two types of firearms and two burglary systems. When you re-raise an existing item of equipment, its level is pumped, and efficiency increases.

Poohs in the game are very conditionally divided into subcategories: two sidearm (one of which shoots cartridges with auto-guidance) and a shotgun in one; grenade launcher, plasma, and energy cannon – in the other; the third contains an assault rifle, an SMG, and a heavy machine gun; and in the fourth weapon for the most accurate. The first season supplemented the sniper subcategory with a semi-automatic “Dragonfly” with good sight and a silencer.

The hacks that replace active abilities in this game are not divided into categories. Here we have the opportunity to build a huge wall, plant a mine, disappear temporarily, scan an area, heal ourselves or allies, become invulnerable, turn into a giant bouncing ball (very funny thing), launch a shock wave, make a leap attack, teleport and stick a magnet. The latter also showed itself in the first season and is designed to temporarily tie hostile players to a certain area.

And finally, HyperScape added a full-fledged battle pass for a good 100 levels. There are noticeably fewer free rewards, they are not issued at every level, but even there you can collect a certain amount of in-game currency. Leveling up your account is not only due to what was achieved during the match but also for completing daily and weekly tasks.

It is noteworthy that the game is very focused on the well-known streaming service. In the preview, I talked about the Crown cast feature, which allows Twitch watchers to trigger various events on the map. Especially for them, the KUDOS extension was implemented (which can be bought for bits) to use visual effects while watching the broadcast. Moreover, you won’t be able to take valuable bonuses from the pass just like that – if you please, first subscribe to a Prime subscription.

At the same time, the game now has a really impressive scope for customization, and with it a store that offers skins, emotions, and even new unique heroes of the season every week. Prices for bit crown bite, but they cannot be called prohibitive.

Of the really nice innovations: complaint systems and broadcast protection. The first allows you to quickly report on cheaters and boors, but so far only from among the party members, and the second – hides the names of streamers in order to exclude online “monitors”.

The impression of Hyper Scape is still twofold. On the one hand, there are interesting mechanics, quick entry into battle, and a fairly high dynamics, and on the other hand, a rather monotonous world overloaded with structures, in which it is frankly uncomfortable to fight for lack of wallhack.

Some modifications, as well as some types of weapons, significantly prevail over others, which is why the already not very rich choice comes down to finding an optimal solution. And the openly lifeless streets and completely empty houses, even with the external architectural diversity, do not encourage researchers too much.

At the same time, Hyper Scape has a really cool picture, I didn’t experience any special problems with crashes and ping, but the sound of footsteps still stutters periodically. It’s generally comfortable to play on a gamepad, but at such speeds, it’s almost pointless to compete with a mouse.

The ability to double jumps, lingering tackles, and respawn in battle with the support of surviving teammates is great, but the project is definitely not suitable for every fan of the genre. Nevertheless, he will definitely join the niche, albeit, perhaps, not in the first roles.


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