Mortal Shell is a single well-developed action role-playing game

 Mortal Shell is a single well-developed action role-playing game

Mortal Shell is a single well-developed action role-playing game in the action genre. Perfect for those who love action, constant battles, and travels around the world of post-apocalypse. Mortal Shell Download

Release Date: 2020

Genre: RPG (Rogue / Action), 3D, 3rd-Person

Developer: Cold Symmetry

Platform: PC


The game begins with the fact that you wake up in a ruined, perishing world, where the remnants of humanity are trying to survive. A mysterious “Dark Father” is contacting you and tells you your mission: to find the tombs of fallen warrior fanatics and resurrect them. You will find many difficulties and exciting adventures along the way, including the fight against zombies and the living, treasure hunts and much more. Gradually, you’re fighting skills will grow, but opponents each time become stronger and more dangerous. Will you be able to successfully complete your mission and what awaits after its completion?


The gameplay comes from a third party. At the very beginning, you play the role of an anonymous creature without any fighting skills. Acting on the instructions of a mysterious higher power, you will engage in battles with opponents of various levels and hone your skills. In the process, you can change the appearance and weapons, taking the form of fallen warriors. Mortal Shell Download

Game features

The characters and the environment are worked out in detail, this sets up a complete immersion in the gameplay;

It is possible to change the appearance an unlimited number of times, until you stop at the ideal option for you;

A huge number of interesting opponents with a constant increase in difficulty;

The unpredictability of the gameplay;

An unusual atmosphere combining fantasy with the gloomy atmosphere of the apocalypse


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