New online games

 New online games

The new MMORPGs have great potential, but they are in the balance of failure new online games, – the history is full of examples of MMOs that have received their moment of glory, as well as cases of undeserved oblivion. new online games

So that you do not waste time creating a character in a game that you might not even like, we have compiled a list of MMO games worthy of your attention. But we went even further: as the worlds of MMORPG are constantly changing, we have included time-tested games with recent updates and additions, as well as new multiplayer online games with RPG elements.



New online games

Lost Ark – Korean MMORPG, announced back in 2014 and even then made a fuss even in the Western media. As of March 2020, the Russian-language version of the game is in the MBT stage.

New online games, so why did Lost Ark wait so eagerly? Firstly, because of the class system. They are claimed as many as 18, each of which differs not only in skills, but also in the type of energy that is used for them, in the way it is accumulated. At the same time, skills can be pumped in different directions, which allows you to create completely different characters even within the same class. It is also pleasant that the characters of different classes are completely self-sufficient when you need to survive alone, but at the same time complement each other well in the group. But the class system has a fat minus – class binding to the floor, which, however, is typical for Asian MMORPGs.

Secondly, the game world is really huge, with a bunch of interactive objects, puzzles and secrets, and the locations are pleasing to the eye even of a European gamer.

Thirdly, the course of the battle in Lost Ark depends not only on the skills of the players, but also on the environment. For example, if you beat the boss on ice, he may well crack under you – you will have to rely on your comrades, hoping that they will pull you out.

World of Warcraft: Classic

New online games

From August 27, 2019, fans of the legendary Blizzard brainchild can enjoy the vanilla version of World of Warcraft. Despite the fact that with each fresh addition to the legendary MMORPG, new content is introduced in the form of new locations, races, dungeons and other things, and the main storyline remained at its best, many WoW fans began to complain about unjustified gameplay simplification after Wrath of the Lich King’s 2008 release . In addition, the farther, the more “dead” content and plot mistakes in quests appeared in the game.

And at Blizzard, they decided to please the players with the classic version of WoW, in which everything will be logical, complicated and old-fashioned. Even the bugs that were present in the game, decided to leave, so that gamers who remember vanilla will be able to relive the exciting moment of acquaintance with the game and put up a nostalgic tear.

Astellia online

New online games

Astellia is a Korean MMORPG that will appeal to fans who take pets and those who miss all kinds of things with them to battle.

In general, the gameplay looks quite standard – complete quests, upgrade your character, look for more cool clothes and beat villains. What’s unusual in the game is the pet system. They are called Astellas here, and they were called to this world with the noble purpose of preventing evil from swallowing it.

You can walk around the world in three Astella at the same time, and each of them can have a different specialization, but getting the opportunity to call them is not so simple. Elements of the CCI are already being revealed here – you can get a pet by getting a special card that you can be awarded for completing a particular quest, you can also knock it out of someone in the dungeon.

Call of Duty: Warzone

New online games

Like Apex Legends, Call of Duty: Warzone is a free royal battle, and in the same way, the game suddenly appeared on the scene and attracted the attention of millions of players from around the world. But, unlike the “Legends”, Warzone has a long history, and therefore it quickly managed to set a record in terms of online (6 million gamers in the first day!).

In the gameplay, much is already familiar to you if you played the royal battles. Teams land on a large territory, which is the devastated city of Verdansk, and try to survive by killing other teams and avoiding contact with the gas cloud. Of the features: various bonuses (UAVs, spot airstrikes), the GULAG system (a duel between two retired players, determining who will return to the battlefield).

There is also an option to play solo

“Extraction” mode, which suggests that teams must earn the maximum amount of money for a limited time.


New online games

A multiplayer shooter about the First World War. Battles unfold on a giant map between 64 users who have to fight for key sectors of the battlefield. The following parties are represented: Germany, Russian Empire, Allies. New online games.

Start your journey from the station              

Tannenberg, like other realistic online shooters, has a lot of features: an abundance of weapons, competent tactical component, six maps, and several modes. Do not worry if friends cannot make up the company – there is an advanced AI in the game that makes up for empty seats in the session.

Cuisine royale

New online games

The gaming community got acquainted with Cuisine Royale back in 2018. It was a kind of PUBG response, but free and with excellent humor. At the end of 2019, the game reached its full release.

Players will face in a bloody royal battle of survival, but not everything is so gloomy – almost every element of the gameplay will cause a smile. These are improvised items that can be used as armor (pot, pan and so on), and demonic forces, thanks to which you can trap opponents or teleport away from a hot spot.

The cycle

New online games

Session online shooter in the genre of PvEvP. The bottom line is that the players in the teams land on the mysterious planet Fortune 3, full of resources and dangers. The task is to fulfill as many contracts as possible (hunting for local monsters, capturing control points, and so on) and at the same time interfere with other teams in achieving goals with brute force. Winners will receive invaluable resources that are useful for crafting items, modifications, and abilities.

An excellent shooter, analogues of which, at the time of writing, have not yet been released. Other nice little things are good graphics and a free distribution model.

Lineage 2: Essense

New online games

Essense is the free version of the immortal legend that debuted in the spring of 2019. It includes all the better of the second Line – a classic setting, a familiar universe, vibrant PvP battles. Of the main differences: fast pumping (you can literally grow to level 20 in just 1 hour), autobahn, more PvP activities, self-sufficient characters (you can play solo, not just in a group) and much more.

Due to the fact that the version is free, the developers have introduced a donut, but you can do without it.

Obviously, only gamers who are already familiar with Lineage 2 will appreciate all the features. But if you want to touch the classics for the first time, Essense provides an excellent opportunity for this.

Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord

New online games

One of the long-term construction of the gaming industry. The game was announced back in 2012, but reached the computers of gamers only in 2020, and then in the form of early access. Like the original, Bannerlord offers gamers to feel like real lords in the Middle Ages, who have to rise from mud to riches and become the founder of their own kingdom. To do this, you need to recruit an army and personally take part in the fierce battles and sieges of castles.

According to the developers, there are several multiplayer modes in Bannerlord. This is the familiar Siege, and the brand new Battle of the Captains, Skirmishes and Duel. Gamers will also be able to join forces and organize alliances.

Bleeding edge

New online games

Bleeding Edge is a multiplayer shooter from Ninja Theory, creators of DmC: Devil May Cry and Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. Eight players, divided into two teams, have to fight each other, controlling unusual characters with a third-person view. Heroes have a set of passive and active abilities, as well as a couple of ultimate abilities.

And all this would be reminiscent of the same Overwatch, if the Ninja Theory did not come to development with creativity and humor. There are really unusual characters (a tempter snake, a pyromancer with a flamethrower in his mouth and so on), the gameplay often makes you doubt that this is a shooter (there are elements of a slasher), and the abilities are really unique (which is worth the Sucka bomb sucking enemies).

Conqueror’s blade

New online games

Conqueror’s Blade is an interesting mix of RTS and third-person action. This means that you can play both the role of an experienced commander with a cold head, and a warrior with a warm heart, who himself breaks into the battlefield, driven by a thirst for justice and blood.

Given the fact that developers from the Middle Kingdom are working on the game, the setting of Ancient China is quite logical. The main features of the game were large-scale dynamic battles and the lack of bored fantasy – players are waiting for quite plausible medieval mixes without any elves and dragons, seasoned with Chinese flavor.

Magic the Gathering: Arena

New online games

Collectible card games in the MMO format are becoming increasingly popular. It is even surprising that for a long time the brand was not introduced to this market, with which the history of KKI as such began. Only in September 2019 was the release of Magic: The Gathering Arena, offering MTG lovers to participate in battles in the online format, without spending a lot of money on card sets, and ordinary gamers – once again touch the legend.

The release version promises to make available all the cards ever issued in the MTG series for its entire existence (more than 25 years). The battles will take place both in the form of familiar duels, and in the format of tournaments, some of which will have a real prize pool (though you will also have to pay with real money to participate in them).


New online games

Since March 2019, this dynamic action in anime style has been in early access, but it’s too early to talk about a full-fledged exit. But now it’s already clear that the project has great potential, because unlike most online actions, it is focused on the joint passage together, and the example of Payday and Left 4 Dead shows that the future belongs to cooperative actions.

In the release of the game we are promised an interesting plot, a huge number of options for customizing charms, a wide selection of weapons, many PvP and PvE modes and a wide selection of combos. Well, in the current version for the fall of 2019, there is still a problem of lack of content, ranging from a modest number of weapon models to game modes. New online games but now the game looks promising, so it remains only to give developers a little more time.

Mortal kombat 11

New online games

The huge success of the Mortal Kombat X could be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, NetherRealm Studios received a lot of money and great motivation to continue. On the other hand, they are not looking for good from good. Therefore, MK11 in its essence is not too different from MK X.

It’s all the same fighting game in 2.5D (a flat screen with jumps and sideways transitions), almost the same characters (of course, a couple of new ones will be added, but who will be interested in them when there is Scorpio, Sub-Ziro, Sonya Blade and Baraka) , a redesigned gear system (something between MK X, where the gear defined the entire movie, and Injustice 2, where it was more for beauty), and the long-awaited return of Fatality and Brutality.

Since the name of the game no longer contains the letter X, the X-Ray technique, which will now be called Fatal Blow, has also been reworked (but will work in much the same way). And yes, do not forget about multiplayer modes.

World war z

New online games

In this transposition of the movie universe into the world of video games, Saber Interactive studio showed us something in between the Left 4 Dead and Serious Sam, because the number of enemies on the map can range from units to thousands.

The zombies here, as expected, get together in crowds and try to devour our heroes (in the amount of 4 pieces per card), so you have to shoot at them from anywhere, build improvised traps, make your way with explosives and run very, very fast around the map.

Another interesting feature of the game are characters that are unique to each level, each of which has its own set of skills and its own character.

Strange brigade

New online games

Strange Brigade – released in the summer of 2018, a cooperative shooter in the spirit of Left 4 Dead. Here, your opponents will also be “former people,” not zombies, but ancient mummies wrapped in bandages. Naturally, other, more dangerous creatures will stand in your way.

And all this disgrace takes place in Egypt of the 30s of the last century, when the scientific world went crazy with the curses of the pharaohs, the secrets of their tombs and the ancient rituals of priests. You, however, will have to fight another suddenly awakened evil as part of a detachment of the same daredevils.

Each member of the Strange Brigade has its own characteristics that are very useful to the team. For example, someone can take the main fire on himself, because he has increased health, and someone masterfully solves puzzles, which are enough here.

Battlefield v

New online games

Battlefield V – the long-awaited continuation of a series of multiplayer shooters, which at the start caused a flurry of criticism from the players. The game this time takes place during the Second World War, but the vision of developers who realized an alternative view of historical reality, sacrificing authenticity, was not to everyone’s taste. Naturally, the creators of the game had to make concessions to the players.

As for the gameplay, the single player campaign is divided into several parts and offers to see the events of the most destructive war of the last century through the eyes of people of different nationalities located on opposite sides of the barricades New online games.

There are plenty of multiplayer modes in Battlefield V – here you will have joint battles against AI, and competitive modes like assaults and team deathmatch, large-scale combat operations, and the battle mode that is now fashionable.

World war 3

New online games

World War 3 is a multiplayer shooter from the same developers who gave us Painkiller. The action takes place in the near, but hopefully an alternative future, when several European states initiated a new World War.

The creators of the game most confused on realism. You will visit real-life locations, made so believable that it is not difficult to believe what is happening. All equipment and weapons are also real, the developers took enough time to consult with experts and transfer not only their appearance, but also technical characteristics to the game.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

New online games

To please us every year with the new game of the Call of Duty series, the development of different parts of the franchise is given to different studios. And so, in the fall of 2018, the guys from TreyArch pleased us with the fourth part of the Black Ops sub-series.

Its main difference from previous games was the complete absence of a single player campaign. So, the developers decided to bet on those who prefer multiplayer, knowingly refusing to take care of the needs of single people.

In addition, health is no longer automatically replenished, which makes the game more realistic, and character specializations have become not just conditional classes, but unique specializations, each of which brings real benefits to the team.


New online games

Anthem is a cooperative shooter released in February 2019. The company was developing the game, thanks to which we enjoyed hours of fascinating gameplay in Mass Effect – BioWare, and publishes the new Electronic Arts, which already says a lot.

Players are dressed in costumes that give superhuman abilities, and sent to explore the world inhabited by strange creatures, look for new equipment, resources and other vital things. Naturally, all this is very dangerous and interesting.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2

New online games

The long-awaited sequel to the post-apocalyptic RPG shooter finally came out on March 15, 2019. In it, Ubisoft did exactly what was expected of it – it retained the basic gameplay and atmosphere of the original, adding new content and a couple of fresh chips. Now, instead of the dilapidated New York, our “sleeping agents” will try to save the very heart of the United States – the metropolitan Washington, from rampaging looters.

As in the original, we are waiting for an interesting story campaign, which can be held both solo and in a co-op with friends, as well as PvP mode in the form of “Dark Zones”, where you can get hold of a good gear.

The main innovations of the sequel are raids, in which up to 8 players can take part, reworked skills, advanced end game content and a full class system that opens after reaching level 30 and completing the main campaign. So far, you can choose between becoming a sniper, a survival specialist or a sapper, but, most likely, new features will appear in subsequent updates.

Traditionally, there was a fly in the ointment – on March 16, the first patch had to be released for the game, fixing quite embarrassing bugs like crashes when using skills. Nevertheless, The Division 2 has confidently entered the sales charts and seriously claims to be the best online action game of this season.

Outlaws of the old west

New online games

The year 2019 is marked not only by the dominance of battle royals, but also by the gradual resurgence of interest in the themes of the Wild West new online games. Whether the long-awaited Red Dead Redemption 2, the new Westerns from Tarantino, or just the pendulum of public interest once again swayed, is not so important – the fact is that cowboys, Indians, saloons and cacti suddenly became popular among gamers again.

Known for working on ARK, Virtual Basement LLC decided to play this, so Outlaws of the Old West, a hardcore sandbox survivor in the setting of the Wild West, came into early access on March 12, 2019. In it, we are offered, as usual, to get food, craft tools, build a house, tame a horse, get weapons and go in search of adventure, or acquire a farm and lead the merchant’s peaceful life.

They promise to make the karma a system of karma system when special indescribable scribes and other players begin to hunt for especially notorious villains (which will be encouraged by the reward system).

Forza horizon 4

New online games

In June 2018, the British studio Playground Games, under the wing of Microsoft itself, released one of the most spectacular online racing games of our time new online games. Here you are waiting for races in detail drawn cars in a huge open world in one of several modes (here you will find classic ring races, and drift , and trial, and off-road racing , and even ski jumping and much, much more).

The game has more than 400 different models of cars, so you will definitely pick something to your taste – especially since almost all the details of the appearance lend themselves to deep customization.

The game process is diversified by a dynamic weather system, which significantly affects the behavior of your car on the track. The only problem of the game is the combination of an open world, excellent graphics and detailed modeling of the physics of the machine’s movement that leads to simply brutal appetites for iron, so don’t even try to launch a new “Force” without 16 gigs of RAM and top-end video.

Ashes of creation apocalypse

New online games

Apocalypse is an offshoot of MMORPG Ashes of Creation, which eventually became an independent game.

At the development stage, the creators of the game decided to temporarily launch the Battle Royale mode, believing that they would be able to more objectively evaluate the work of various game mechanics. Naturally, the most fashionable mode recently could not fail to attract the attention of players. So the decision to create a separate project based on the main one was expected.

Popular new and often updated MMO games New online games

Final Fantasy XIV

New online games

The fully online incarnation of Final Fantasy has been around for quite some time, but, like all the great New online games, it continues to evolve. Recently, the game has received an update with the new Rival Wings PvP mode in the MOBA style, and the latest major addition is Stormblood. This update is paid, but Square Enix is ​​not greedy with content added to an already rather big game.

Blade & soul New online games

New online games

Blade & Soul – MMORPG for fans of martial arts and films such as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Each MMO boasts something special in the combat system, for Blade & Soul it’s amazingly beautiful battle scenes, complex animations and devastating combo attacks.

Guild wars 2 New online games

New online games

At the time of its release in 2012, Guild Wars 2 was perhaps the strongest New online game since World of Warcraft, and six years later it does not even think about going to rest. For example, in the Path of Fire expansion, players must defeat Balthazar, the rebellious war god before he destroys Tyria, and the latest Guild Wars 2 Living World series introduces players to the jungle in the open world. Everything is done very well and confirms Arenanet’s talent for creating beautiful stories.

The main feature of Guild Wars 2 is a large, developing, beautiful world – just look at the concept art. But game mechanics are also up to par. Dynamic events unite players – friends and strangers – for crazy races across the expanses of the world.


New online games

Imagine “Mad Max”, in which there are even more battles on cars, and get Crossout: a post-apocalyptic New online game, where the key to success is good work in the garage. Enjoy a huge assortment of body parts, weapons, electrical devices and external lotions and assemble your death machine. Join one of the amazing and beautiful fractions, each of which has its own style and choice of spare parts. Enjoy a convenient trading system with other players.


New online games

Nowadays, each new MMORPG must have some unique feature that can attract players, and for Icarus these are mounts. Of course, they are in many New online games, but as you might guess from the name, here they play a crucial role for the development of characters and quests, because in this MMO there are hundreds of potential pets that you can ride and take to battle.

Wherever you go to Riders of Icarus, you will find many new and powerful creatures that you can catch and take advantage of, from cute forest animals like a kangaroo to ancient fire-breathing dragons. Naturally, before using their power, they need to be tamed, and in game mechanics this is as important as dialogue or battle. And since this is a New online game, you will want to brag about your pet to your friends. Almost like Pokémon, only in a fantasy and much more severe and bloody world.

Eve online

New online games

Space piracy and corporate evil have become available to everyone – since November 2016, Eve Online has moved from a paid subscription to a simplified (but expandable) free F2P model. With the Ascension update, you can realize your fantasies of a space trucker without paying for a subscription. It is up to you to decide to wage a grand galactic war against your enemies or to profit from bloodshed. The galaxy is constantly being updated, for example, an entire vast region has been added to Into the Abyss.


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