Pubg mobile free Download game – Full Version

 Pubg mobile free Download game – Full Version

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular battle royale games optimized for Android. The user is waiting for a huge island with an area of ​​8×8 kilometers, where 100 users at the same time pursue the goal of becoming the last survivor. Independent collection of resources, playing solo, and squads – all the best has been transferred from the console version to the mobile platform. PUBG Mobile Download

Application version: 1.8.10

Android Version: 4.3 and higher

Developer: Tencent games

Age restrictions: 16+

Key Features

PUBG Mobile is a mobile version of the project, which was originally created for consoles and owners of personal computers. The player will have to choose between independent survival and joint search for enemies in a team of two or four people.

The use of the high-performance Unreal Engine 4 engine allowed to maximize the detail on the original maps. To win, participants in the battles will not have to constantly hold one position. The playing area is inside the circle, which after 3-5 minutes gradually narrows. Being outside the playing area, the character loses health, and then dies.

In addition to walking, a large number of cars, boats and motorbikes are scattered on the map. The latest updates added the possibility of turbo acceleration. Driving in transport all the time will not work – you have to look for cans of fuel to refuel.

Other features of the game PUBG Mobile for Android:

A variety of weapons – cold, throwing, hot. Each is characterized by realistic ballistics. There are even non-standard options – hand-to-hand combat and killing with a pan.

Powerful anti-cheat. There is no place for dishonest gamers in the game – when creating a new game session, the built-in filter checks the device for the presence of third-party software.

Many options for restoring health. Bandages, first-aid kits, medical bags, adrenaline injections, aspirin, energy drinks – this is not a complete list of available methods.

PUBG Mobile for Android has an excellent social interaction structure. You can add new friends, chat with a team or an individual member, and send emoticons. During the game, it is possible to use voice communication (on an ongoing basis or only at the right time). The volume of sending and receiving the best sound is easily adjusted through the settings menu.


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