Rumor: In The Last of Us: Part II, Ellie will avenge Christian homophobic cultists.

 Rumor: In The Last of Us: Part II, Ellie will avenge Christian homophobic cultists.

The plot details were allegedly provided by a family member of one of the Naughty Dog employees. According to preliminary data, the starting point in the story will be a novel between Ally and Dina. The latter is a bisexual girl that players could see in one of the trailers. The Last of Us.

The first act of the sequel The Last of Us will end at a certain love moment between the girls. After that, the members of a religious sect who call themselves the Seraphites will attack the settlement of the survivors. They will kill Dina, and Ellie will swear revenge. 

Seraphites are described as a Christian-based movement. Members of the cult call themselves angels and “God’s lamb”, they seek to cleanse the world from sins, which include homosexual relations. Most of the movement consists of white skinned men and women. A feature of the Seraphites is also that they are immune to cordyceps, and as a ceremony of initiation, the recruit must cut his cheek with an infected blade.

Cultists scornfully call outsiders and deserters Wolves. “Apostates” are subject to brutal execution, with the practice of quartering and hanging. One of the groups of dissidents is headed by Brother Marlin (the head of the Cicada, who was killed in the first part), it consists mainly of representatives of national minorities. At one point, Ellie will have to get into the territory of the Wolves (WLF).

In the course of the story, it turns out that Ellie’s father was immune to the infection, he was killed by Seraphity for communication with an outside girl named Anna, who was looking for medicine. Anna was a friend of Marlene, but in the end, Ally’s mother is killed by fanatics. The daughter is taken away from her immediately after birth in order to protect. Marlin (a member of the WLF) goes to pick up the girl, who eventually rubbed herself into her trust using her friendship with Anna.vvv


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