Spellbreak release review

 Spellbreak release review

In strict accordance with the prophecy inscribed on the road scrolls, the masters of the Proletariat have opened a release portal to the world of Spellbreak. Hundreds of power-possessed players descended from the wormholes that instantly covered the sky above the empty lands. We will tell you about how the royal battle of magicians was solved in the final review.

Developer: Proletariat

Publisher: Spellbreak

Release date: September 3, 2020

Every contestant in Spellbreak is a mage. But not one of those graduates of the academy who busily draw intricate patterns in the air with magic wands, and not at all experienced sorcerers in a pointed hat with staff at the ready, but gifted by nature and full of strength the masters of the elements.

In the release version, the developers allowed the players to immediately decide on the basic model of the avatar, but unfortunately, there is no way to customize its appearance. There are, of course, outfits that completely change the look of your hero, but for some reason, they are tied to a specific gender. Bought a beetle suit – they will give a man a set.

Spellbreak has a Cosmetic Rotating Shop. There are more opportunities for transformation: in addition to new costumes, players can customize the trains of the flying magician, choose a set of emotions for him, hang an artifact behind his back, and also slightly individualize the profile.

As usual, the prices for gold are quite impressive, but the Proletariat also proposed alternative, albeit more energy-intensive, enrichment routes. Spellbreak has daily tasks and a completely free rank system – that is, pumping.

During battles and completing missions, you will receive experience, which is converted into class progress and separately into account progress. For each new rank, there are rewards, among which there is often gold enchanted with a number.

Igrodely modified the field teachings for newly minted magicians in such a way that they also became a kind of introduction to the plot background. While we are learning to run and look around the mentor, who introduced herself as Avira Amberdain, says between the lines that we are actually outlaw magicians.

From the girl’s words, it becomes clear that there is a certain Order of Vow Breakers, which opposes another order – their keepers. Avira is involved in the first caste and, apparently, prepares us for their fate. At this, unfortunately, the canvas is still cut short, but the road scrolls say: soon a chapter system will appear in the game, revealing the plot of Spellbreak.

The Proletariat’s ambitious plans include quests, including major events that will give players more decorations and more world to complete. Presumably, we are talking about including a seasonal pass, which is currently missing in the project.

In the review-impression, I talked about the combat system and the main mechanics of the game, and in this regard, there have been no major changes. Players choose solo, pair or team mode, after which they fall on a common island, where they perform magical obscenities in anticipation of the match.

The drop on the battle map is not quite typical – the team decides over which of the outlined areas their portal will stretch over, and the portals selected by other players are highlighted in red. After a short wait, magicians rush to the earth with comets with the ability to slightly adjust the course of a rapid fall.

Finding yourself in the sky high above the Desolate Lands (in fact, Hollow Lands has not yet been translated and may later be called something else), you understand how rich this small piece of world floating in the air is in landscape delights: several biomes that are completely different from each other, ruins of fortresses, natural attractions.

The tastefully rendered world is decorated in luscious cartoon graphics in pastel colors, and the fateful skirmishes of the players are accompanied by impressive animations and sounds. If earlier you listened attentively to the distant roar of shootings, then here the rumble of thunder and the crackle of the opening firmament will testify to the outbreak of a magical battle.

Players use magic gloves and equipment in battle, enhance avatars with scrolls, runes, and talents. It looks something like this: you move around the map in search of treasure chests. The coolest of them all, epic mana stores, are shattered. You will have to spend some time collecting the structure before you can open it.

Almost all of the items in the game are divided in the usual way for RPGs into quality levels – from the usual gray to the soul-warming red. The equipment consists of boots with running speed, amulets with the amount of mana and belts with armor. Consumables will help you recover broken armor fragments and health points.

Runes are an additional spell of individual support: dash, jump, hover, teleport, fly, detect nearby enemies. The cooldown and intensity of each of them vary depending on the quality level. In the near future, the developers promised to add a “step through the shadow” and the “chronomaster” rune that controls time.

And finally, the fighting gloves themselves are artifacts with the help of which magicians manipulate the elements. Each mage starts the game with one glove tied to his specialization, and the second can be picked up during the battle. Both artifacts are endowed with primary and special spells. Many of them can be combined like in Divinity for a special effect.

Thus, a thunderclap aimed at a poisonous cloud electrifies the vapors, adding electrical damage to the toxic damage, and a fireball released into an area frozen by an ice spell creates a deadly geyser.

If the second glove found during the battle becomes, as it were, a secondary artifact without additional bonuses for the wearer, then the main one endows the wearer with curious passives that reveal the magician’s potential as his level grows. There are six of them:

The Tempest uses an elemental gauntlet that strikes with wind blades and summons tornadoes to pull down enemies. The windmage is able to soar into the air using skills, deals more damage in flight, and recovers spell faster.

The sculptor wields a stone gauntlet that causes splits and rockfalls. The earth mage has a passive bonus to armor, has two charges of a stone block, which also increases in size during flight.

The conductor is equipped with an electrified artifact that increases the power of the main “electromet”, reduces the recoil time of artifacts, and prolongs the effect of a lightning strike.

The pyromancer shoots fireballs from the fire glove and sets up walls of fire. Thanks to the bonuses, the magician is able to set fire to enemies, and entering his own fire barrier will not only not receive damage, but will also be amplified by a 100% increase in damage.

Northerner is a local sniper with an ice glove. His spear shoots at great distances, and the quick freeze slows down enemies. Northman’s spears illuminate enemies, deal increased damage, and leave a trail of ice that increases movement speed.

The Toxicologist possesses a poisonous glove that sprays toxic jets and clouds of corroding steam. A specialized mage is able to create more curtains, disappears, being inside one of them, and inflicts increased damage from stealth.

As I indicated above, each class has its own rank, and as it grows, passive talents become available to players. It is allowed to choose one at a time per branch of mind, body, and spirit. Each of the talents is amplified three times by the corresponding scroll that falls out of chests and defeated opponents. Thus, players endow mages with special properties, such as a one-time resurrection or an increase in damage by reducing the amount of mana.

Spellbreak is in no way inferior to its firearms in dynamics. The developers have noticeably swayed the balance and quick skirmishes were replaced by quite deliberate and often rather lengthy battles. And if you manage to reach the last ring, you will become a participant in a truly epic confrontation between magicians, in which only a select few of the most close-knit teams will survive.

I must say Spellbreak surprised me. Most of the bugs were ironed out for the release. Albeit not perfect, but tightened up the optimization. He finds matches very quickly, playing is interesting and aesthetically pleasing.

Customization is upsetting – from the inability to customize the appearance to costumes that are not too impressive in quality and quantity, and the progress is also upsetting, which is not very motivating to pump all classes. Proletariat plans to make balance changes and add content in the near future. And if in the course of the changes they manage to fill the game with additional features and interesting activities, the portal to the world of Spellbreak will become stable and maybe one day even a stone frame will be made for it.


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