Succubus: The game is finally announced. Looking forward to 2021/2022!

 Succubus: The game is finally announced. Looking forward to 2021/2022!

Succubus is a horror game that is a real survival simulator. You have to play as a beautiful demon heroine, known in folklore as a succubus. You will plunge into a real fantasy world of hell, where, as strange as it may be, there are those who are dissatisfied with the way things are.

Release date: 2021

Genre: Action, Survival Horror, 1st Person

Developer: Madmind Studio

Platform: PC

Interface language: English, Multi10


It is them that the main character will look for. But on her way an unexpected turn awaits her, the demon Baphomet, with the help of his dexterity and cunning, takes her prisoner. And if the demon succubus does not succeed in getting out of it in the shortest possible time, inevitable consequences can begin in the world of hell. The game has its own specific atmosphere that will appeal to many fans of the genre. Immerse yourself in the adventure of a demon woman, in a new game from the creators of Agony.


• Attractive main character.

• Fantasy elaborate world.

• Localization in Russian.

• Well-developed elements of horror.

• Graphics that will allow you to enjoy all the beauty of the world of the underworld, as well as the main character.

• Diversity and non-linearity

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