New online games

The new MMORPGs have great potential, but they are in the balance of failure new online games, – the history is full of examples of MMOs that have received their moment of glory, as well as cases of undeserved oblivion. new online games So that you do not waste time creating a character in a […]Read More

Top 10 best games of the fall 2019

We selected only the most anticipated ones and made up our Top 10 best games in the fall of 2019. Gamers will have a very busy season, which will last from December to February. So there will definitely be no time to miss the cool autumn evenings! Gears 5 Borderlands 3 Code vein Tom Clancy’s […]Read More

Death Stranding Game of the year on PS4

The latest creation by Hideo Kojima and his teams is a concept that is very difficult to summarize. Death stranding game surprises, often in a positive way, takes risks too. While remaining a playful object, it is above all a story to embody and a loneliness to tame. The bias here is clear: take the […]Read More