These main reasons why the Pokemon series should evolve |

If the series stays as it is, chances are fans will get bored after a while. Pokemon has to change, and we tell you why here. Temtem We saw this with Pokemon Sword and Shield: the community that loves the Pokemon license is showing itself in an increasingly grumpy light. It seems that a small […]Read More

Temtem, the twin of Pokémon… better?

Very strongly inspired by Pokémon, Temtem switch has been available since the end of January on PC. But the game of CremaGames is more than just a clone and develops its own formula. Temtem, an assumed Pokémon-like For more than 20 years, Pokémon has crossed generations and gained new followers. Many games have tried to […]Read More

Temtem is getting ranked play, houses, Pokémon-like MMO Temtem

Arrived on PC in the form of the creature accumulating sports MMO Temtem free directed by Spanish manufacturers Crema Games. After playing Temtem construction last week and this week exploring airborne archipelagos! Catching Temtem, fighting other players, chatting with NPCs is no longer just a Pokemon-stimulated clone. However, it is a success in itself to […]Read More

Temtem Free Download Game – Full Version

Finally, the developers began to pay attention to games that are focused not only on the gameplay but also on the social component. Today you will have the opportunity to download the Temtem and embark on an exciting adventure on the whole archipelago of floating islands. Temtem Free Download This territory should not be underestimated […]Read More