Tainted grail Game Full Version

 Tainted grail  Game Full Version

Tainted Grail is an adventure role-playing game with an admixture of tactics, research, and an open world. You will find a long and dangerous journey, a huge world, dozens of NPCs, and much more…

Title: Tainted Grail

Release Date: 2020

Genre: RPG, Open World

Developer: Awaken Realms Digital

Publisher: Awaken Realms Digital

Platform: PC


The game takes place in a fantasy huge world called Avalon, in which the forces of Evil and Darkness began to create real chaos. King Arthur has long sunk into oblivion, the Knights of the Round Table are in turmoil, and only a group of brave heroes dare to challenge Evil and try to change everything. True, the heroes failed to do this, they died, and now it’s your turn. Gather a squad of your own unique heroes. Hit the road, fight against forces that few can resist, and try to restore peace in Avalon.

As for the gameplay. So in this game he is truly unique and offers a huge number of unique role-playing mechanics. So, here you will explore a huge partially open world, fight against numerous enemies, develop, build, carry out tasks and assignments, influence your actions on the course of events and do much, much more.

The most interesting mechanics of Tainted Grail is the variability of the surrounding world. Each of your actions, each task or mission that you completed, a battle, can affect the world around you and change it. Moreover, the consequences of some actions can even make themselves felt only after a while.

It would also be worth mentioning that role-playing mechanics in this game is also supplemented by construction. So, you will develop not only your hero and his squad, but also the village. For example, you will have to provide it with proper protection, build buildings that would provide the inhabitants of the settlement with everything you need, set up towers, and more.

And you will find a huge number of unique inherently non-player characters, a sea of ​​diverse loot, magic, runes, dozens of skills, random events…


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