Temtem Appreciated Matchmaking and Other Features Coming In New Update

 Temtem Appreciated Matchmaking and Other Features Coming In New Update

Video game fans Pokémon and MMO will soon be able to enjoy early access to Temtem as Steam’s PC release time is fast approaching. Temtem other features

Despite the fact that this is only January, Temtem is one of the most anticipated games of the year, due to the fact that she is a monster-catching an MMO with an obvious resemblance to the famous Nintendo Pokémon series, for those who saw his trailers or were simply excited about all this the hype, the good news is that you will be able to play incredibly soon since the best time of its early release of Steam for PC is not so far away.

Despite some notable differences between the pair, Temtem was mostly compared to Pokémon as described as an unforgivable ode and love letter. Taking this into account, gamers need not worry that this is just a bad imitation, as the game seems funny and addictive as by their own and borrowed merits.

For those who want to catch them all in this long-awaited MMO, the good news is that you don’t have to wait too long for the early access time to come.

What is early access for Temtem?

Early access for Temtem is a best MMO version that will be different from the full version. Crema has posted an explanation on Steam why they think early access is good for success:

“With our previous game, immortal cattle, it became clear that we had to engage the community in the early stages of development and not wait until the release of the game began to receive feedback.

As for how long the game will remain in early access, the answer will be unsuccessful for those who want to get the full temtem release date rather than later:

“Temtem will be in early access until we feel that the game is complete enough for its release. Based on our current estimates, which will someday be in the second quarter of 2021 or the third quarter of 2021. “

Regarding the Early Access version, Crema Games developer shared the following:

“As for the content, 50% of game content is already available, including the first 3 islands, 80+ themes and more than 20 hours of gameplay with the current content of the campaign.

Most of the basic multiplayer features are already implemented: the game is fully playable in a co-op, you can see other players running around the world, and interactions such as PVP or trading are also available. ”

What is the initial release time for Temtem on Steam?

Early release time for Temtem on PC and Steam on January 21 at 10:00 PST and 13:00 EST.

It will also be available only in the form of early access at 19:00 CET and 18:00 GMT. It can be purchased on Steam or a modest kit store.

As for its price, unfortunately, not a single platform. However, the developers shared on Twitter that it would cost $ 34.99 and £ 27.99.

Crema’s early access for Temtem will only be available on PC, but MMO will appear on PS4, Xbox One, and Temtem Nintendo Switch when it is fully released.

Temtem Appreciated Matchmaking and Other Features Coming In New Update

A timely selection of players at Temtem is now available, and Temtem tamers around the world are invited to compete.

The Ranked Matchmaking Update is the first new top feature to appear on the Temtem Roadmap, released in late February. In addition to starting a new phase in the life of the Temtem game community, it also adds new features that will liven up the competition, including special input and output animations for handlers and an early version of viewer mode.

You can start the search for players in Temtem from anywhere in the game by selecting the “Competitive” option in the social menu. You will need to pre-establish the competitive composition of your Temdek. Don’t worry about their stats too much, because your entire Temtem will be temporarily upgraded to level 48 with maximum initial values ​​(SV) to offer a level playing field. Your battle performance will be used to set your Tamer Matchmaking Rating – or TMR, which I like because it’s an almost recursive abbreviation.

The game will try to set you up against tamers with a similar TMR. In the end, you can compete for victory in the matches, although this feature is temporarily disabled, and the developer of Crema Games makes sure that everything is in order. This and other features will change in the coming months as the studio refines its vision and implementation for organizing Temtem matches, including competitive seasons, leagues, medals and a bunch of awards to earn.

Crema Games also introduced a new Battle Log feature in the game that will allow you to see all of you and your Temtem enemies, as well as their current HP, stamina, and status effects, when turning around the corner. By default, it is enabled only for competitions, but you can enable it until the end of the game if you want.

By the way: the developers of the studio Crema banned more than 900 cheaters

In the past few months, developers from the independent Spanish studio Crema have Annunciato to launch the first installment of su Temtem’s ban, which led to a purge of the prohibitive 900 cheaters from the game. Despite the fact that this is an early access game, there was no mercy for those who abused cheats and exploits, and according to the study, the developers were convinced that 100% of the banned users were guilty before taking such drastic measures.

Despite the fact that initially the Temtem developers, if they intended to adopt a “no appeal” policy, in a subsequent tweet, the Spanish team decided to moderate the ban, announcing that those who believe that they were banned by mistake can contact the service Support at support@cremagames.com with a “Bar Appeal” as an item plus an account name or identifier.


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