Temtem, the twin of Pokémon… better?

 Temtem, the twin of Pokémon… better?

Very strongly inspired by Pokémon, Temtem switch has been available since the end of January on PC. But the game of CremaGames is more than just a clone and develops its own formula.

Temtem, an assumed Pokémon-like

For more than 20 years, Pokémon has crossed generations and gained new followers. Many games have tried to ride the wave, Yo-Kai Watch in mind, without succeeding. Like Castlevania, Zelda or Uncharted, the famous Game Freak license has revolutionized and influenced the gaming industry. With Temtem, Crema goes hunting in the territory of Pikachu. The Spanish studio thus offers its vision of Pokémon-like, while inspiring its own ideas. The result is a colorful game with familiar gameplay, but full of new features.

A known, but effective game formula

In the shoes of a character that you can customize, you arrive on the island of Deniz. Your goal? Become the best trainer of Temtem, little creatures that you can capture, collect and fight. As you progress through history, you will challenge dojos and face a secret organization… CremaGames is no secret: its title is inspired by Pokémon and takes many of its game mechanics and structure. But in reality, Temtem is developing a credible universe and incorporating some very clever gameplay ideas into it.

Catch them all!

Like Pokémon or Yo-Kai Watch, the appeal of the game lies mainly in its small creatures to collect. Many and colorful, they benefit from a neat design. Each of them has its own type and capabilities. This allows players to compose a diverse team, both in terms of skills and appearance. The names of the creatures are still quite generic and do not reach the genius of the game published by Nintendo. Temtem however develops a coherent universe, with a controlled atmosphere and a classic, but interesting history.

A more strategic combat system than Pokémon

The real novelty of Temtem lies in its combat system. Very similar to that of Pokémon, it turns out to be much more strategic. Turn-based, clashes take place in duo, which forces you to think about the best combinations. Temtem also wants to be more complex than Pokémon. Attacks take longer to launch, changes during combat are more difficult, etc. The game is also more multiplayer oriented since it is an MMORPG (online role-playing game). You will therefore be able to meet players and interact with them in real time.

Early access already well provided

Like Shenmue 3, Temtem was born thanks to the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. After raising more than half a million dollars, the game was released in early January on PC. Still under development, it has already sold some 500,000 copies! It will be necessary to wait until 2021 to see it arriving on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. In the final version, Crema promises 6 islands, more than 161 Temtem and a consistent multiplayer game (tournaments, exchanges, ranked matches, etc.).

Temtem on Switch, PS4 and Xbox One?

Temtem is the new Pokemon like MMO developed by Crema. The game has been available for a few days in early access on Steam and the Humble Bundle Store, but is only available on PC! However, for the more patient, the game should also be released on consoles: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.


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