The best fighting games on PC – download full versions

 The best fighting games on PC – download full versions

Among the many different types of online games, the best fighting games on the PC are the least common. And although this genre certainly has its lovers, at the moment projects that would be “pure” games online fighting games can be counted on the fingers.

There is more money on PC. You ask how this relates to the topic of the article. In the most direct way: publishers, sensing a profit, began to produce more and more games of various genres for computers. As a result, today, in order to fight with a friend, the choice of fighting games on a PC is pleasing in variety. A list of the best of them is presented in this collection.

Why do gamers from all over the world like fighting games? For qualities such as cruelty, beauty and brutality. This genre almost never sagged under public indignation and always kept the bar of quality. Colorful techniques, tearing off limbs and burning alive – these are the features that are inherent in all modern fighting games.

We decided to compile a selection of the best fighting games that you can play on your PC right now.



The leader in the selection of the best fighting games on PC was obvious – of course, this is the world famous Mortal Kombat series, which has been pleasing to us since the distant 1992. Over the entire period of existence, the franchise has undergone many changes and experiments, and gamers received both frankly disastrous and ingenious games (as well as several adaptations)

Fans of the classics claim that the first parts of MK are played perfectly to this day, but we still advise you to pay attention to more modern releases – Mortal Kombat (2011), Mortal Kombat X and Mortal Kombat 11. They will delight you with beautiful graphics , a large selection of characters, including guest ones like Alien or Jason Voorhees, easy to learn gameplay, as well as the extreme cruelty that has become the hallmark of the series. Mortal Kombat is perfect for both online battles and for friendly fights at one computer, and is guaranteed to give you a charge of vivid emotions.

2. Injustice

Injustice Download Free game full version

Dilogy dedicated to the showdown of the heroes and villains of the DC Comics universe. Here you can personally find out who is stronger – Batman or Superman, Joker or Harley Quinn, Flash or Martian Hunter. NetherRealm Studios, known for the Mortal Kombat franchise, is behind the fighting games of the Injustice series, so there is no doubt about the elaboration of the gameplay: there are many unique techniques for each hero, and destructible arenas, and spectacular finishes (though without the bloodshed inherent in MK)

In addition, Injustice presents perhaps the best storyline in fighting games. Many even consider it superior to the movies of the DC Universe (at least better than the Justice League). History throws characters between parallel universes, makes friends fight fiercely with each other, and enemies collaborate for the common goal, transfers heroes to the side of evil, and makes villains good.

3. Street Fighter

Street Fighter free game download full version

Street Fighter games are frequent guests of the PC platform, so every fan of fighting games is familiar with Ryu’s Haduken signature technique and Zangiev’s powerful throws.

The history of the SF franchise dates back to the distant 1987, but we, of course, will not go so far into the past. Pay attention to the recent releases of the series – the fourth and fifth parts. Both will please you with a variety of characters, a detailed combat system (which will require a lot of time to master), as well as an excellent balance of fighters – which is not surprising, because Street Fighter often acts as an e-sports discipline .

4. Street Fighter X Tekken

Street Fighter X Tekken free game download full version

The crossover between the universes of Street Fighter and Tekken, which incorporates the best gameplay elements and the most interesting characters from both franchises. So, the game uses the energy scale from the games of the SF series, which allows you to perform improved techniques, and the fighters perform in pairs – in the best tradition of the Tekken Tag Tournament. In addition, players can use special stones that give bonuses to the characteristics, and combine the abilities of the characters, performing particularly powerful attacks.

A bonus to all this is an entertaining story campaign, which can be completed in a cooperative, and several competitive modes. Street Fighter X Tekken gives you the opportunity to have a great time and find out which of the heroes of the two famous universes is the strongest.

5. Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct free game download full version

A remake of restarting the 1994 classic fighting game, which gave the genre the mechanics of interrupting combos (even like this: CCC-COMBO BREAKER!). Killer Instinct is a very dynamic, bright and deep game, with a flexible counterattack system that allows you to turn the battle in the opposite direction every minute.

At the same time, the project is quite easy to learn (if you are going to play at an amateur level), contains diverse characters (a werewolf, a robot and a Japanese ghost – an impressive variety), and also pleases the ear with the cries of a commentator who reacts to every reception as if it the best he has ever seen. And finally, where else can you play for Rush from Battletoads?

6. Marvel vs. Capcom: infinite

Marvel vs. Capcom: infinite free game download full version

Debutant on the PC: previously, the MvС series games were released only on consoles. Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is a crossover between the universes of Marvel comics and Capcom publisher games, which includes Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Devil May Cry and other projects. The result was a hodgepodge team where Iron Man and Dante, Hulk and Frank West, Gamora, and Nemesis fight side by side.

However, despite such a diverse set of characters, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is very sprightly and fun. The game boasts a rather interesting story campaign (which is rare for the genre), a vivid picture and a low entry threshold, so it will be a great option for entertainment – even a person unfamiliar with fighting games can master the project, and the button mashing technique will certainly bear fruit.

7. Tekken 7

Tekken 7 free game download full version

Tekken 7 is one of the most hardcore fighting games that ever came out on a PC. The distinguishing features of Tekken 7 from many of its competitors are 3D battles and a huge number of various tricks for each character. Speaking of characters. In Tekken, 7 heroes became much more, and the roster was replenished with beginners, about whom no one knew before. It is interesting to play for them, but if you are an old fan of the series, then I recommend fighting only for characters tested over the years. The plot in Tekken 7 is not too good and cannot be the same with Mortal Kombat, but it is interesting to observe the development of events in the general history of the series. Everything is good with the visual and audio parts, but again, it is quite difficult for her to compete with larger projects.

Release Date: March 18, 2015.

Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment.

Developers: Bandai Namco Holdings.

Metacritic score: 82/100, 6.7 / 10 (PC).

8. Dead or Alive 5 Last Round

Dead or Alive 5 Last Round Free game download full version

The second game from the DoA series, released on the PC (the first was Dead or Alive Online back in 2008, now deceased). It is notable for the abundance of half-naked beauties (and even more open suits for them to open), destructible arenas, as well as three-dimensionality – here players can move around the location in all directions, including in depth.

In addition, Dead or Alive 5 Last Round can boast a detailed combat system (without which the game would obviously not fall into the top fighting games): here it is built on the alternation of strikes with intercepts and counterattacks. Therefore, attentiveness and the ability to correctly assess the situation are valuable in battles: to win, randomly thrashing the keys, will fail. By the way, be sure to pay attention to the next part of the series, Dead or Alive 6, which also boasts addictive battles involving pretty girls.

9. WWE 2K Series

WWE 2K Series free game download full version

Unfortunately, boxing simulators, fights without rules, mixed martial arts bypass the attention of PCs, visiting only consoles. Of the similar games on computers, only wrestling simulators presented in the WWE 2K series are available.

The developers are trying to accurately transfer the atmosphere of wrestling into the game. Gamers have access to a wide selection of characters known from the show, a detailed combat system (with unique tricks for each fighter), as well as many modes, including a career. Of course, the competitive moment is not overlooked: players can enter the ring against online rivals and show their skills in online battles.

10. Gang Beasts

Gang Beasts free game download full version

An entertaining online fighting game dedicated to the battles of funny gelatinous men on a variety of maps and with realistic physics.

Gang Beasts is the perfect party game. It is easy to learn, every minute generates the most amusing situations and causes explosions of laughter with every action of the players. Each match here turns into real chaos: the characters clumsily beat and push each other, try to use the surrounding objects, with insufficient dexterity – they themselves fall outside the location. In general, it is worth getting a copy of the game, if friends often come to you – this is a great option for entertainment in the company.

11. Absolver

Absolver free game download full version

A multiplayer fighting game in an open world where players have to wander through forgotten lands, learn combat skills and fight with the same travelers for the title of Absolver – an elite warrior, defender of a fallen empire.

The main advantages of Absolver – visual style and combat system. The ruined world looks majestic, beautiful and at the same time gloomy. Combat allows you to learn a lot of tricks and combine strokes, forming your own unique style. There are more than enough battles here, and opponents are both AI dummies and real players, so you don’t have to look for an opponent to test your abilities for a long time.

12. Nidhogg Series

Nidhogg Series free game download full version

Nidhogg is an indie fencer simulator with a deliberately primitive visual style, a well-developed combat system and amazingly stupid motivation for the characters – they fight for the right to be eaten by a huge monster.

Both parts of the series are quite fun to play, allow you to use various tactics (due to different types of weapon weapons) and are great for weak PCs due to low system requirements. Only graphics can scare you off, but if you are not confused by pixels, then there will be no problems.

13. SoulCalibur VI

SoulCalibur VI free download full version

One of the few representatives of the genre that allows you to fight with edged weapons. Here, the characters resolve disputes not with their fists, but with swords, nunchucks, axes, and other tools. Of course, not without military magic.

SoulCalibur VI is also a three-dimensional fighting game: you can move not only left-right and up-down, but also deep into the arena, which opens up scope for engaging different tactics. Add to this an impressive roster of absolutely diverse characters (including the witcher Geralt of The Witcher and the ability to create your own hero) – and get a unique, deep, fascinating project.

14. Skullgirls

Skullgirls free game download full version

Explosive two-dimensional action movie, filled with a million bright special effects and attracting unusual characters. Despite the cartoonish visual style, Skullgirls is able to challenge fans of the genre through sophisticated gameplay that provides almost endless possibilities for those who master it at a master level.

The storyline of the fighting game will guide players through the stories of violent warriors with unique abilities, and the competitive mode will give invaluable experience in battles with players from around the world. The developers worked especially carefully on the network code so that the fighters did not experience lags and disconnects, so critical for this genre.

Bloody zombies

Bloody zombies free game download full version

Bloody Zombies is a bloody zombie fighting game in which a group of suspicious comrades tries to save London from the invasion of the walking dead. The main characters of the game are very colorful personalities. The mission to free the metropolis from infection took on the inhabitants of the slums: pierced piercings and tattooed bikers in leather jackets. Only these guys were able to get comfortable in the atmosphere of a universal mess and apocalypse. Apparently because they live like this for years.

The authors of Bloody Zombies prepared for us a meat beat`em`up with multi-story combos, a cooperative of 2 to 4 people and a huge number of zombies in stock. Traditionally, zombies hide behind the right edge of the screen and climb out of there as the group of “cleaners” advance through the levels. There is no need to make special efforts to dispose of the dead – the main characters actually tear them apart with their hands. Chests with useful devices appear periodically on cards, after which all kinds of chainsaws, guitars and car mufflers appear in the hands of the characters. Well, if at hand there was nothing like this, then you can always effectively throw the enemy to the ground no worse than a professional wrestler.

The only thing that lubricates the impression of the game is the low dynamics of what is happening. The characters in Bloody Zombies move at the speed of sleepy flies and fight about the same. But this is the first game in the genre that works equally well on the desktop, and on consoles, and with VR helmets.

Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight 3 free download game full version

Shadow Fight 3 is a three-dimensional MMO fighting game for mobile platforms, which is so good that it’s not a sin to run it on a PC, using a special emulator for this. This is especially true for owners of weak computers.

An interesting and unusual game that receives regular updates and high-quality technical support, thanks to which it has an extensive army of users, which is growing day by day.

Shadow Fight 3 is distinguished from other similar games by the presence of full-fledged RPG elements and the presence of a fascinating plot that tells about the confrontation of three factions: Messengers, Legion and Dynasty. You can join any of these fractions by creating a character in a special editor. Later it can be personified and strengthened with the help of various equipment and weapons, abundantly represented in Shadow Fight 3.

By the way, the system for getting things here is also quite original and brings the game, albeit a little, to the CCI. In Shadow Fight 3 there is a store with boosters, consisting of random maps of different quality, which are equipment and weapons. Also, sets of cards can be obtained for various in-game merits.

All items can be improved, as well as the parameters of the characters. What makes the hero’s attacks more powerful and effective, opens up access to new skills, and also gives him all sorts of bonuses and passive skills. According to the gameplay, Shadow Fight 3 is a real fighting game with three-dimensional graphics and excellent animation of movements.

As already mentioned, Shadow Fight 3 is a multiplayer fighting game in which players fight with each other in different arenas. But there is also a rather fascinating company consisting of more than a hundred missions.

Speed ​​brawl

Speed ​​brawl free download game full version

Speed ​​Brawl is a hurricane hybrid of platformer and fighting game from the indie studio Double Stallion Games, the graphics and gameplay of which will remind you of game masterpieces of the early nineties.

Speed ​​Brawl is a hurricane hybrid of platformer and fighting game from the indie studio Double Stallion Games, the graphics and gameplay of which will remind you of game masterpieces of the early nineties.

The developers themselves describe their creation as “Sonic meets Street of Rage.” Indeed, in the game you will have to, firstly, run fast and fast, and secondly – to beat on the run the muzzles of various enemies in abundance scattered on the game map. Moreover, the effectiveness of the techniques used by your fighter often depends on the speed gained. The task on the tracks will not only punish each of the bad guys, but also do it as quickly as possible.

The game takes place in a steampunk setting in Victorian England, which has just survived the invasion of insect aliens from the moon. Such a crazy plot goes well with the general recklessness of the gameplay and allows you to get along in the ranks of game characters with an elegant nobleman in a cloak, a London beggar with a wooden board in his hands and a steam robot with a stylish cylinder hat.

In total, as of 2018, in Speed ​​Brawl you can play for 6 different fighters, each of which has its own unique style. As you progress, you can pump various skills to the spell and give them an increasingly stylish and deadly gear. And for some levels it will be useful to take a team partner with you in the online co-op mode, and if you play as a brave strongman, then you should join up with someone more quickly, and vice versa, it is better for weak dodgers to fight with serious bosses together with specialists in heavy blows.

As befits games in retro style, Speed ​​Brawl follows the popular concept of “Easy to learn – hard to master”. Dealing with the controls and basic gameplay is pretty easy, quickly running through a couple of first levels is also pretty straightforward. But the passage of subsequent levels, when the time limit is becoming tougher, and the enemies are becoming stronger and more inventive, may require considerable time for preliminary pumping and selecting the right gear.

Yes, and thoughtfulness at high levels will require much more than is expected from a high-speed fighting game. After all, it is not enough to learn the next furious combo – you also need to use it at the right moment so as not to spend all your energy on beating weak mobs and not be unprepared for the battle with the boss.


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