Top 10 Best PC Adventure Games

 Top 10 Best PC Adventure Games

Do you know what is the most difficult with Top 10 best adventure games? Determine which specific genre they still belong to. Once, at the dawn of the appearance of graphic computer games, adventures (or adventure games, as many have said) were called games, which we now call quests. Later, some arcades and action games, such as Tomb Raider series in the top 10 best PC adventure games, began to dignify with the same name.

But, in the end, such games began to be called action-adventure, that is, adventure action games, quests became a separate genre, and adventures, in fact, ceased to be a separate genre. Let’s better see which games are in the TOP 10 best adventures.


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The next part of the Assassin’s Creed series, this time dedicated to the era of Ancient Greece. The developers went even further towards the RPG genre, adding to Odyssey the ability to choose the gender of the main character, extensive dialogs, a pumping system, levels of enemies and weapons. Here you will find a large-scale adventure event full of fascinating events, in which historical realities, ancient Greek mythology and the story of the confrontation between the Assassins and the Templars permeating the entire line of games are mixed.


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Restarting the famous series of adventure action games about Lara Croft, the tomb raider. The new game (as well as its sequel) has become more close to reality, primarily in the proportions of the main character. The plot, although not impressive in originality, still makes you follow the events, and the gameplay pleases with frequent skirmishes, boring puzzles and a strong research component. Those who don’t like modern franchise issues should download the classic Tomb Raider games – they are no less exciting.


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Adventure from Telltale Games, which was remembered by interesting characters and an impressive ending, making even the most callous players cry. The story of the survival of people in a zombie apocalypse, according to the developers, is not only battles with the walking dead, but also a constant struggle with oneself: tremendous efforts must be made to remain human at a time when the world is collapsing.

One of the most famous top 10 best PC adventure games that has ever appeared on our computers and consoles, developed by the Telltale Games team. The only zombie game I respect. An interesting story that tells about an unsuccessfully detained African American and a little girl who would have remained completely alone in this world if the protagonist hadn’t come, will make you laugh and cry and mourn the participants of the zombie apocalypse. I especially like the second season. You will understand if you play.


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Perhaps the best representative of the Batman franchise: Arkham in the top 10 best PC games, which boasts probably the most striking and memorable storyline in the history of comic book video games. The confrontation between Batman and the Joker turned out to be as lively and frightening as possible, and the exciting storyline is complemented by carefully designed gameplay and a huge area of ​​Gotham, in which there is always something to do.


Cooperative action, filmed in the spirit of the best fighters of the 80s. Two prisoners, Vincent and Leo, are planning to escape from a carefully guarded prison. The heroes have to unite to accomplish their plan, but even after the escape they will not go their own way – the fugitives will have an exciting journey during which they will have to deal with the ghosts of the past. If you have a partner for a cooperative passage, in no case do not miss this game.


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Another parkour simulator on our list is this time crossed with a zombie action. Players will have to go to the city of Harran, which fell under the onslaught of the living dead, where they will find many adventures, desperate runs through the streets and roofs, battles with dangerous monsters and looters. One of the distinguishing features of Dying Light is the cooperative – exploring the city in the company is much more pleasant and more fun than alone.


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A sci-fi action movie about time travel with Hollywood actors in the lead roles. The game is dedicated to a guy named Jack Joyce, who, as a result of an unsuccessful experiment, gained time management abilities top 10 best PC adventure games. Now he must fight the sinister Monarch Corporation in order to prevent a global catastrophe that will lead to the complete freezing of the entire universe. Addictive gameplay with shootings and time manipulation is interspersed here with 20-minute episodes of the series, further revealing the plot.


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Another Assassin`s Creed franchise game. The storyline sends gamers far into the past – to Ancient Egypt, where they have to avenge the death of the main character’s relatives, fighting the ancestor of the ominous Templar Order. The previous parts of the series were criticized reasonably top 10 best PC adventure games, but at Origins the developers did an impressive job of fixing bugs: the game is very different from other releases of the AC line for the better. Everything has undergone improvements – the plot, gameplay, quests, the fullness of the world, graphics (especially on the PC), for which Assassin`s Creed Origins gets an honorable first place.


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A fascinating adventure based on Fables comics that tell about the life of fairy-tale characters in the realities of the modern human world like top 10 best PC adventure games. The plot of the game revolves around the Bigby Wolf Sheriff, who is taking on the investigation of the mysterious murder. Gamers are waiting for a complicated story, many battles, as well as an unforgettable atmosphere of noisy New York with an admixture of magic and mysticism.


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An adventure thriller with RPG elements that tells of the adventures of Death – one of the horsemen of the Apocalypse, who has to rake the consequences of the end of the World. The first part of the series was blamed for the monotonous gameplay, but the sequel received a lot of praise thanks to the successful mixing of elements of various genres, an improved combat system and the increased scale of the game world.

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