Top 10 mods for GTA 5. How to make the game even cooler

 Top 10 mods for GTA 5. How to make the game even cooler

The Great Grand Theft Auto Series is 20! And this is an excellent reason to “chop in” one more time in some part – for example, in the fifth. And in order for the gaming experience to be new, we have collected the best mods for GTA 5 for you! The editors tried to choose such add-ons that fit perfectly into the gameplay and make it even more interesting.

Mod Open All Interiors

In the story, Michael, Franklin and Trevor find themselves in a variety of buildings – and each has enough interesting things. But on missions such as infiltrating Lifefader headquarters, there is often no time to inspect every corner. This mod was made for all curious and simply greedy for profit: it opens the doors to all plot locations, allows you to slowly enjoy interiors and look for missed Easter eggs.

Quantum Break Script Mod 

To what then sending, you cannot explain. This mod slows down time and makes all characters and shells move many times slower than your hero. Beautiful, like in the Matrix, rapid speed can be used both for shooting the population of an entire region in the Neo style, and for shooting beautifully flying cars into pieces.

Mod Train Simulation

In the original GTA V, the attention of the players was attracted by trains: they quite reliably ride on rails, but you can’t do anything with them – unless you try to climb up. Train Simulation corrects this annoying flaw and adds a rather useless, but nice option to the game: now the player can become a real engineer and take control of any of the transport or freight trains.


Add a pinch of Skyrim to GTA – and you get a game for which you can completely abandon real life. Mod GTA RPG brings to the gameplay an extensive set of role-playing elements. You can start a new game even for a gang member, at least for a typical American housewife: the hero will complete quests, grow in levels and develop skills.


Where there is a prison simulator, there is a werewolf simulator in uniform. This fan-made addition with an unpronounceable name will allow you to be in the shoes of the guardian of order from Los Santos. The functionality of the mod is very wide: you can force people in front to get up at the side of the road, rush in pursuit of those who disobey, and even call for reinforcements, tearing colleagues from their favorite donuts and coffee in paper cups. After successfully detaining the suspect, you can be taken to the police station, the nearest airport or immediately to prison.

Prison Mods for GTA 5

Want an atmospheric adventure based on the TV series “Escape” and other popular films about prisoners? To take part in it, you just need to run into the police and let them tie themselves. Previously, a certain amount was immediately debited from the hero as a deposit and he was released for all four robberies. And now you have to look at the sky in a cell until there is a way to return to freedom.

Watch Dogs Hacks Mod

In addition to Iron Man, Aiden Pierce from the first part of Watch Dogs also feels great on the streets of Los Santos. I wonder what happens if you install both modifications and try to “hack” Tony Stark.

The Watch Dogs Hacks mod itself, as you might have guessed, allows you to use your smartphone to hack into cars, airplanes, traffic lights, roadblocks, and even ATMs.

Iron Man Mods for GTA 5

At first, we didn’t want to include fan-made additions to the selection that bring any of the other universes to the game world. But it was worth trying the mod about Iron Man, as it became clear: Los Santos really needs a flying superhero.

Mod Tsunami

In 2015, there was the information in many media that Los Angeles should be flooded with a gigantic tsunami caused by an unprecedented earthquake. Judging by the fact that the annual E3 exhibition has not yet been moved to another city, the prototype of Los Santos is still safe and sound. True, this year, because of the hurricane, Irma was unlucky with the east coast of the United States – Florida had to fight the flood instead of California.

Mod Make Visuals Great Again

Let’s start with the most important thing – with graphics. In the two years since the release of the PC version of GTA V, a huge number of mods to improve the picture have appeared. On ultra-settings, the game, of course, looks pretty good anyway. But if you are a happy owner of a top-end video card and want to squeeze all the juices out of it, then you might like the fan-made creation with the patriotic name Make Visuals Great Again – an alternative to the aforementioned Natural Vision Remastered.


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